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    High School
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    Customer Service
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    No, but eventually


WHO I AM 100% OF THE TIME: Christian, tenderhearted, monogamous, faithful, honest / open about how I feel and what I'm thinking, gentle, and forgiving.

WHAT I AM PRETTY MUCH 90% OF THE TIME: affectionate, optimistic, and free spirited.

1. Stubborn (half the time I'm laid back, but if I want something, I won't stop until it's mine).
2. Playful (play wrestling/tickling/biting/chasing each other in good fun).
3. As mentioned in #1, I can be pretty laid-back too.

WHO I WILL *NEVER* STOP BEING: a gentle soul with a tender heart whose touch is soft.

What I am looking for

First and foremost, I'd like to thank every single soldier reading this, those who've served in the past as well as currently, for sacrificing your lives for mine, for giving up your safety for mine, and for giving up your freedoms for mine. I know it's not an easy thing to do, and having been born to three (3) former Air Force personnel on Langley, I have the utmost respect and faith in ALL service personnel. You all go out of your way for me. You didn't have to enlist. But. You CHOSE to. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart and from the deepest parts of my soul. Thank you. For everything.

Since I'm on this site, it goes without saying, that I want a man who knows what he wants, and knows how to fight for it. I want a man who understands what love is, which is sacrifice.

I'm looking for the man who understands that when he and I touch, whether it be just fingers/hands, snuggling, otherwise, there's a connection that will instantly spark and flame into the greatest bond of our lives. He'll know that sometimes we won't even need to say anything, because all we'll need to do is gaze passionately into one another's eyes in blissful silence, just "connecting" with one another's souls. Some think this is impossible, but I'm looking for the man who KNOWS this to be possible, and wants it more than anything with me. I truly believe that when it comes naturally between two souls, that's how you know you've met your soulmate.

Yes, military men know how to protect and look out for others, but I'm not just looking for a man to "depend" on. I'm looking for a man who wants to depend on me too. He may appear to be strong to most, and that's a beautiful quality to have, but I want my man to also feel he can be 100% vulnerable with me behind closed doors (sensitivity). I don't just want my man being there for me all the time. I want to be there for him too. I want him to feel as safe in my arms as I would feel in his.