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My name is Tiffany, a single lady never being married. I am from Pa, allentown. I consider myself to be a lovely, caring and gentle woman. I am a woman of my words. I like to play basketbal just as much as I do watching them. I hate cheating.
Music: Hip-Hop and RnB
TV: Big Losers, i love to see people change gives me amplified certainty that i can change as well. EXTREME MAKEOVER Home Edition is tight, Flip That House i watch any chance i get, Property virgins, and HGTV home give away.
Books: The only piece of literature that has no need to change it is truth. The bible has been sold more than any other book ever. It can never lie but amazingly tells you who you are and what your made of and it holds your future. No other book can do this. Commentary books in regards to the bible, All real estate books i enjoy, history books, and philosophy books such as the moral of the story by Nina Rosenstand. ( Great book on ethics). Lastly, books on animals..
Sports: I love basketball.
Interests: I am seeking for someone who will love me and care for me. I will love him just the way he is, being blind, disable, dear and dumb or whatever categories he falls in. I pray and hope to find someone honest soon.
Movies: I LOVE COMEDY... Jim Carey, Chris Farley and any other funny dudes or women. Dumb and dumber, rush hour, home alone back in the day, Tommy boy, etc. All Rambo and Rocky movies.
BestFeatures: just an easy going lady....
Dreams: I have so many dreams

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