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Hola. My name eredania aka dania but I go by raquel.I'm 22 from the bronx but I moved to P.A.I'm an aries brithday march 22 1987.I do like to have funny but I'm also keep too my self I don't care much for friends all they do is talk shit an hate when u got nice shit.ain't on here to find no man or dude just on here too chill an talk.I come from a nice family I have 5 other sister all are married but me yea I got kids..I have twins girls that are 4 years old who are my world.ain't no bird bitch or hood rat I'm a lady an I wanna be repeated that way.I'm also not the one to take bull shit for any1 but I can get it on an popin if I need too..I may not say much but I'm I also kno what's going on even if u think that person doesn't think you do kno.so I told you alittle about me. I'm smart an can be understanding but don't let that fool you I ain't dumb if u don't like it really don't matter to me I wasn't put on this earth for every1 too like me
Music: all most anything in Spanish
TV: Tyler Perry, burn notice,psych,law order,ncis.white collar all on USA CH 38
Books: twilight,chicken soup
Sports: basket ball, foot ball an baseball
Interests: Video games.lol on my xbox elite,cars like my audi a4 that I'm drivein also fixing it up for the summer,makein money so can buy w.e I want on the spot no window shoping..like to take pictures to remember the funny an wonderful moments in life..I like to read so I kno what's going on in life an too know what I'm talkin about it true
Movies: action,funny,love
BestFeatures: Kind heart,sweetdream,also wanna help somebody
Dreams: Too be the best in w.e I set my mind too also to have someone that cares about what I have in my heart then the outter me who was a family an have a wonderful home

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